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Healthy Feet; Happy Feet

Baker Boot, Co. & Orthopedic carries a fine selection of healthy footwear. Our stock generally accommodates all shoppers including diabetics searching for therapeutic shoes with extra depth and athletes seeking running shoes with adequate arch support and heel stabilization. We carry stylish, orthopedic casual and dress shoes for men and women, as well as sandals with anatomical foot-bed technology that conform to the unique shape of each individual foot.


If feet could talk, they might tell us to walk on grass instead of the sidewalk or to change our socks more often or maybe they would tell us that our shoes are too tight for our feet. Unfortunately, our feet don't talk which is where Baker Boot, Co. & Orthopedic comes in.


As we age, minor changes in our foot shape and size can cause aches and pains from pinched toes to unsightly calluses. We generally assimilate growth with children and assume our feet stop growing and changing once we're adults. However, as we move through adulthood, small changes in size and shape are full of meaning to the properly-trained individual that knows shoes or feet or both.


Shoes designers commonly forego function for fashion on their quest to sustain or increase market share. Shoes with a narrow “toe box,” for instance, can cause the big toe to push in and create or accelerate a bunion or other hammertoe deformities.


There are numerous aspects shoe and boot shoppers should be aware of that are not generally thought about when purchasing footwear. The team at Baker Boot, Co. & Orthopedic are here to advise and answer any questions you may have about finding the right fit. The experience may be shocking, but the result will leave you feet shouting for joy—if feet could talk of course.